Hmm… I’m starting to think that my decision no to write my name, or anything about myself is a little creepy. Then again, I want you to get to know me, without prejudices. Just get to know me, my thoughts, my dreams, etc. Besides I am very new to the art of blogging, after all I only began yesterday. But I promise, to reveal more, little by little. I’m not very easy to get to know but I’m really trying to change that.

To be entirely honest with you, originally I had completely refused the idea of writing a blog. I didn’t see the point and I felt creating one would mean I was a hypocrite. Let me elaborate. On one hand, I hate all forms of social media and I make that clear to many people, and, on the other hand, I create a blog, thus reducing myself into as person I would forever hate. But then I realized the great benefits to a blog. i think that using there things that maybe I do not approve of, to convince people of something I believe in, makes for a very strong argument I think. Also, as I had, I believe, written in my first post, I get to write, and more importantly, I get to write to an audience (at least I hope so). I  consciously allow others to read into my inner thoughts, and form an opinion on it. And that is very frightening.
Writing is, I think, the most personal form of art there is.



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