It just hit me.

Why should a person read a blog from an unknown person? What possible reason would push me to read someone’s blog when I could easily read some funny articles on Buzzfeed, or follow a celebrity’s twitter? I don’t have an account and I can never find the cool stuff on Buzzfeed, so I cannot do either of them. But I do understand… Why on Earth should you read my blog. I don’t know, but I’ll take a shot at it. Maybe it’s because you want to read something new. Maybe it’s because you’re bored. Maybe it’s because you feel I have something to say. Maybe you’re wondering if the giant paper boat is real. Maybe it’s because you understand what it’s like to try something new so you’d like to encourage me. Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s a million other things. I don’t know. But I’m thinking maybe I’d like to ask you to not give up on me.


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