Out of this world

My Spanish teacher is the only one to have understood that if you don’t do something, it doesn’t mean you can’t but it might mean you simply don’t want to. It’s not because I am not an exact replica of yourself that it means I am unable to do it. Most probably, it means I don’t agree with you. Why is it that we live in a society where thinking differently is prohibited? Why is it that we have been reduced into these mind-controlled freaks, that can’t think for themselves. And we have been manipulated -nay- molded, in a way that keeps us from righting our wrong, because we fail to see the latter.
We have been blinded, we live in a world where we’ve reduced into people who can no longer see anything. Our cares are superficial, the words we say have no meaning  anymore. We laugh without humor, we smile without feeling, we speak words insincerely, we are stubborn without reason. We are so many insensitive things and it saddens me to think this is the world I live in. It frightens me to think I will have kids one day. How could raise them in this world? Why would I bring anyone into this world? It’ll only keep getting worse unless we do something about it. We must act, every single one of us must do anything that he/she can.
Please, help make this world the enlightening place it used to be. How I wish I’d been born two hundred years ago!

Today is one of those days where I felt as though I were about to explode. Every day is like this really but sometimes it gets to you. Sometimes, without even understanding why, it just gets to you. And you can’t take it anymore, and simply feel it’s too much. I think I’ve lost faith in humanity a long time ago, but it took me a while to admit it. I really hate to say it, I hate to believe it, but it is the truth. Aren’t there any other people out there who agree? Isn’t there a single person out there who still has values?


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