I know I haven’t been writing for a while now, and I know there isn’t a real excuse for that but I’m here now, and I’m sorry, but you must understand, I’ve been emotionally incapable of dealing with anything.
I’m much better now and I thank God for that. And I pray to Him that things will get better. I feel the ground is crumbling and I’m left staring at each piece as it falls deeper. I can’t help it.

My mom is in pain, my sister is in pain, therefore I am in pain. For all I know my father is too. Every time there is a problem in this house it’s shoved away. Sometimes we learn from it and sometimes we don’t. We never fix it though. All we do is post-pone the explosion, we never stop it. I think it exploded today. When your mom, the most important person to you, tells you that she is unhappy with both her daughters. The bomb explodes.

So I ask for help, I ask God for help, for only He can give it to me.



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