Now they’re six. They were seven but now they’re six. 

My uncle passed away. He was my mother’s eldest brother. She’s terribly upset. We all are but I guess I didn’t know him that well. He’s been very ill for many, many years. He had this form of dementia. I never really understood it very well, but if anyone knows what it is, then you certainly understand that it’s suffocating for the person and his/her family. He has been suffering these past few years and I suppose this is when you feel it’s for the best. Somehow.

Now they’re six, my mother being the youngest. I don’t really like her brothers and sisters. There are really only two that I like, and one of them has passed away, somehow. He’s gone. He was in coma for a while and now he’s gone. His children are with him. His wife can’t believe what’s happening. But I have faith God will help them. 

My mother is cooking now. I’m hungry, in complete honesty. I’m finally on vacation and that’s actually why I haven’t been writing.
Of course we’re all very upset and shocked. I’m sad because my mother is, I’m sad because my uncle is gone, I’m sad because his family’s sad. I’m sad because no one really understands what comes immediately after death and I want the best for my uncle, he who I wish I’d known better for I feel I would have truly loved him. 

But one must keep their head held high, their chin, eyes forward, and… and one must always have faith.


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