Do you believe in magic?

I do.

I think we are witnesses to magical occurrences every single day of our lives but because we have grown accustomed to them, we don’t classify them as magical anymore. We cease to be fascinated by such miracles that used to bring everyone to their knees. What happened to that? What happened to being thankful for the beautiful, magical, miraculous gift that we call simply ‘life’? What happened to us? Why is that technology has made us cease to acknowledge many things, such as the nature that surrounds us? The simple fact that I am breathing and thinking is incredible (not to mention the fact that I can do it at the same time). And for all those that think that cloning and other creepy biotechnological ideas are cool, and will help us develop, I think they are idiots because they fail to see that they would have nothing to work with had we not been created in the first place. The fact that we all have different opinions is magical, our bodies, and minds speak volumes for the miracle of life. When you think about it, and I mean really think about it, you’ll find that we live in a world that we will never understand, everything is beyond man’s grasp, and that in itself is magical.

The fact that we feel is magical. The fact that our hearts beat faster when in fear, or when in doubt, or when in company of a loved one, etc. is magical. Supernatural powers are not cool. They are not magical either. So what if you can disappear? So what if you can get things done quickly? So what if you can do anything you want? You already have so much more, and it’s inside of you.

(Don’t get me wrong though, I love Harry Potter)


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