Writing prompt.

Going on vacation was usually so much work, but this year it was going to be different. Lennox was a motivated woman. She believed in her independence. She believed in her work. She believed in herself. She also believed that a vacation would only slow her down. Thus she never went on one. Her vacations consisted of piles of paper that needed to be read, re-written, signed, etc. And because her co-workers, unlike her, never stayed in, going on vacation was usually too much work for her. But this year, she’d decided that maybe it was time for a change. Maybe she needed to find some peace of mind. Maybe she needed to forget her obligations. Perhaps what she currently needed was time alone, contemplating nature. Of course if someone were to join her during this contemplation she would not refuse. She missed listening to people talk about their lives in an environment unrelated to her job. She missed her friends. She did not know where they were now. She needed new friends. She needed just one friend. She needed just one person who would allow her to talk, to be loved. She needed someone to like and to like her. She needed to enjoy a nice view, thank God for how fortunate she was, and spend a nice week-long vacation with a nice person. She just needed a friend. She needed something normal in her life, something stable and constant, something that would ask her to sacrifice anything. She longed for happiness but she knew not where to find it. She needed an escape. But would one lead her to peace of mind? When can you say that you have reached utter happiness? When do you feel your journey has ended? When do you begin to understand what your journey is? Is there even a journey? Or are we just fooling ourselves? Why do we pretend to understand Life when in reality we haven’t and know we never will? No one will. And perhaps the only way to reach that peace of mind is to accept that this Life is not the end. Maybe we will stop fighting once our minds have truly grasped the fact that it’s not over. Maybe. Maybe if we stopped thinking only of ourselves and our immediate surroundings, maybe if we just opened our eyes we would be able to see. Maybe then we would be contempt. Maybe then we would enjoy life. Maybe if we were honest, maybe if we lived according to morals, maybe if we listened to God more, maybe we would be happy. And maybe then we would die in peace, if God may allow it, He who is so merciful. And maybe then what follows the little time spent on Earth would be wonderful. And then you would come out a winner, either way. And, maybe then, Lennox will enjoy her vacation.


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