It was as dark as night when they headed out on their lunch break. A storm was headed their way. One that had never before been experienced by either hard working men. It was the middle of June, temperatures were rising every day – especially around midday – and it was not quite understandable how the skies had turned this color so quickly when a moment ago the sun was burning any bald man’s head. But, as in the case of many questions in this world, human logic is simply not the answer. Thus the men decided to eat quickly and head back into the building. There was no reason to stay long out under the new conditions that had arisen. They went to the nearest sandwich shop, on foot. There was no cab in site, no car for that matter. It took them ten minutes to reach it, fifteen minutes to order, eat and pay, and another ten minutes to head back. And with almost another half hour to spare, and no activity that would allow them to take advantage of the extra time, they began speaking, speaking of the most random subjects, but something must pass the time.
“So do you have any plans for tonight?” asked the twenty-eight year old, John.
“Not quite. Ella wishes to stay home. To tell you the truth I am rather tired. We have been overworked these past few weeks” he added in a hushed tone. He being the thirty year old one, Michael.
“Ah, I wish I could say the same. Michelle has been dying to go out. And with the opening of that new restaurant not too far from here, I’ve no excuses.”
“Well, enjoy the time you have with your wife. Might not be long before there’s company and then you’ll be wishing you could sneak a night out with her.” Replied Michael.
“How is the little girl?” inquired John.
“Worth every sleepless night. She really grows fast, so fast.” He answered with a tender smile. His daughter would be one year old tomorrow.
“What do you reckon this sky means? It’s been forty minutes, the color hasn’t changed and there’s no rain. It’s really very odd.”
“Perhaps it’ll be your excuse not to go out tonight.” Joked Michael.

The two men had known each other for six years, when John first started working at the recycling company. They’d become fast friends, they had lunch every weekday together. Michael had been John’s best man, and John had been the most supportive a friend could be through the difficult childbirth Ella had endured. She had almost lost her life. The two were not just inseparable but they had a friendship, a bond stronger than that of any others. They were linked together by a mutual understanding and admiration of each other, for diverse reasons.

The sky was indeed a mystery to them that day. It’s color did not alter for the next few days. Indeed, John did not go out that Friday night. As I have mentioned to you, human logic is not always the right answer to everything. Michael and John knew that, but somehow could not apply it here. Why? Because when something is staring you right in the face, you often deny it because you simply fail to see it. What’s rather interesting however, is that the color of the sky reflected upon the eye of the beholder. Neither spoke of it to anyone, as though deep inside both knew only they could see it. To others around them, the sky was as a blue as ever. And a different question had just appeared: why is it, that only they perceived it? When all is seemingly well, it is scary. It means something not so well is lurking around the corner. However, when things are imperfect, it is reassuring for it means that difficult times can be overcome, and that you are not too lucky. Because when you are so very lucky, it only means that something bad is about to fall upon you, whereas when things are hard on you, only good can come of it, at least, it means that you will turn into a stronger person.
The dark sky, was it truly a figment of their imagination? Why was it there? Were both men tired of living such a monotonous life? Were they bored out of their minds? Were they ungrateful for how fortunate they were? The dark sky, was it simply a warning? And more importantly, did it ever go away?

I leave those answers to be the figment, of your imagination.


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