August 5th prompt, written the next day

There are things we are convinced can never happen. We use expressions like “when pigs fly” (knowing that pigs will never fly) and then swear something (certain that we will never have to answer to these words). Well, if someone ever used an odd phrase, such as “when a coffee shop runs out of coffee”, then I hope you are prepared to abide by your word. Because something happened. On that day, the unthinkable happened: the coffee shop ran out of coffee.
It might, actually it must, sound funny. It’s a joke, right? A coffee shop running out of coffee? It’s like saying pigs are flying and bouncing all over the place. Just a joke…. Nope. No joke. No coffee either. It’s almost three o’clock in the afternoon and there is no more coffee to serve to the angry customers. It was not Jordan’s job to get coffee. This is her after school/ week-end job. All she has to do is serve coffee, which she does. And she happens to have served her last cup to a elderly woman. And now, what can she possibly do? She’s been trying to reach the manager but he won’t answer his phone. She’s been trying to call her parents for advice but they seem to not know they have phones. Apparently, pigs are out to get her in this world. What can she do? Yes, she’ll put up a closed for emergency sign, no more customers. Yes. And then? She’ll continue to call her boss. Yes, she will, it’s not her fault. No, it isn’t. They can’t fire her. If anyone should be fired it’s the supplier, it’s the manager, it’s the mailman, it’s anyone but her. No, she can’t get fired.
A few blocks away her parents are arguing, they hadn’t argued for a while now but suddenly they decided to. Why? Because this was an odd day. Between shouts, slammed doors, more shouts, neither had heard their phones ringing.
A few more blocks away, Jordan’s manager, Josh, was sitting in his old car. He was 26 years old, rather good-looking, and was in love. He was in love with his best friend. And on that day, of all days, he decided to admit his feelings to her. But, not knowing how, he decided to sit in his car until a brilliant idea fell from the sky. And suddenly it did. It was courage.
A distance a few blocks away from the car is a girl named Adrianne who is tired of so many things. She is a journalist and she loves her job but hates her boss. She needs excitement in her life but can’t deal with anything. She’d been up all night, then she slept for a few hours then she woke up around one o’clock and couldn’t find anything to do. She decided to go out for a cup of coffee. There was no doubt as to where she was headed. Her friend Josh worked at the best coffee shop in the neighborhood and she really needed to vent. Once arrived, at the door, she finds its closes, she peeks inside and sees a girl, probably a teenager, on the phone. She seems worried. Oh, yes, that is Jordan. She’d been working there for a few weeks now. They had become friends very quickly. She hadn’t noticed her at first but once she did, she knocked at the door. Evidently irritated because so many customers had already done this, Jordan was preparing a “sorry but not really sorry” face when she saw her friend and rushed to unlock the door. She told her of the crisis she was having and Adrianne offered to call Josh.
He was still in his car when he got yet another phone call. He’d either rejected or ignored the previous ones, they were from Jordan. He was in a trance, one caused by the woman he loved and had forgotten about his co-worker. However when Adrianne called he answered immediately and heard something about missing coffee. It took him a while to register the words but once he did he started his car and headed for the shop, glad that he now had a reason to see her.
When Josh arrived he dealt with the coffee incident first. It was indeed the supplier’s fault. He was happy to show off his manager skills in front of Adrianne. Showing off is always a guy’s favorite activity in front of a girl he likes.
Adrianne was bored and stuck around to see where this would take her. Nowhere probably but she had nothing better to do anyway. After talking to Jordan for a while, Josh came and fixed the problem. He was funny when he was trying to be serious over the phone but at the same time be respectful. She’d known him for so long and knew him so well. She knew he was afraid for his job, and even more for that of Jordan’s given that she had done no wrong, but that they’re boss was a little tough. They talked until the coffee arrived, they went to work and she helped them as much as she could, hoping this day would pass peacefully.
Jordan was relieved but still scared. Josh was happy and scared. Adrianne was worried and happy to do something unexpected. Jordan’s parents were arguing but had a chance at working things out.
The day ended. The coffee shop had plenty of coffee. They’d made more money than expected. Their boss never figured anything out. The parents weren’t too happy with one another but after hearing about Jordan’s day and regretting that they couldn’t help her, they knew they’d eventually work things out. Jordan realized hard work has its rewards, life was not always perfect, but that everything, thanks to God, works out in the end. And Adrianne, upon hearing Josh’s kind words of love, realized that he was that missing element that made her feel so bored all the time. And they all lived happily ever after? Not a chance, but they lived as happily as life would permit them.

Why did the coffee shop run out of coffee? Because someone had once said “When pigs fly, a coffee shop will run out of coffee”. And on some other day, some other person bought a trampoline and was playing with their pigs on it (he lived on a farm). Someone should have been more specific: “When pigs fly of their own accord, a coffee shop will run out of coffee”.


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