A thought

There is something I have noticed, and that I find very interesting.

Sometimes, upon writing new posts, I get followers. And without needing to express my utter thrill for someone actually finds that what I say is worthwhile, I notice that whatever theme may have been present in the post is related to something my new follower is interested in, or that it is somehow a trait in their character.

I know this is not very fascinating but it makes me happy. It shows me how different people unite despite their differences.

My best friend is attempting to convince me that there is a majority of good people in this world. I believe that the good are a minority but that it is possible to change anyone. She however doesn’t think that people can change. And we’re both stubborn people. But you see, my father is a diplomat and through our different acquaintances from various corners of the earth, I have realized that there truly are good people, everywhere. You just have to find them. So even though I believe that corruption reigns on this planet, I also believe that it is possible to change for the better and that we all this bright light in our hearts, one that we should never extinguish. Every day we are all changing, because perfection does not exist here, it exists some place else, someplace better.


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