I am becoming…

I am becoming time. I am becoming what I never thought I could be. I am becoming what I thought I could never touch, feel, hear or see. I am becoming what I thought may have been a figment of my own imagination.

I am becoming invisible I think. Yes, I am. I see that I am no more, for the colors of my body are slowly fading away. Transparency took its toll over me. I can feel my body being stretched in various directions as the outlines of my being disappear. I feel my weight is vanishing yet I am spreading, just as a flood: I am in all corners. And I am as light as a drop of water in an ocean.
Progressively I am soaring aloft, as a mounting wave before crashing onto shore. And, as a wave falls back abruptly, I, in an instant, find I am looking onto the familiar streets of my neighborhood. I am now time. I can be as rapid as I please, or I can move terribly slow. What used to be my body no longer abides by the laws of gravity, but acts as its own guide. I am an energy that I have never known, one that can push and pull as it pleases. I am an element that has the power to inflict pain, however, I also, can heal it. I am in perfect balance. I used to be nothing, but now I am everything. Yet my thoughts remain intact despite my own inexistence.

I see my mother and my father. I race towards them. My movements are fluid, similar to those of a calmed sea. I am colorless and shapeless, yet still I can be heard. My voice has been altered but I am not inaudible. The sounds I make are monotonous. They resemble that of drops slipping out of a tap. And with each fall a whisper is uttered. Neither it nor I can be stopped. I come, though I must go. You cannot freeze me. You cannot tighten my faucet and force me to remain. I am meant to take leave of you. And I shall. But first I beg you not to waste me, for I will eventually evaporate.


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