Settling for less

Dungeon Prompts

We as people always want more. We always seek what is best. Generally, we seek what is best for ourselves, sometimes without regard for others, and sometimes, in spite of others. We will push past, we will be ruthless. We will ignore all the good that may be instilled inside us, for that one thing we are blinded by.

However, in between those moments above mentioned, we decide to accept our fate, or our luck. We accept what is given and we attempt to seek the light despite the darkness. And somehow it is no longer darkness we see no more. And we begin to settle for less.

Just today, I realized it is what I needed to do.
I need to settle for less. But the problem is that  I am an idealist. And in my view, there is a difference between an idealist and a perfectionist. The latter I am not, the latter is controlling and somewhat materialist. The former implies values that one wishes to obtain in an idealogical sense. The former reminds me of Utopia. That ideal world.
Perfection does not exist. But the ideal gives me more hope for it is somehow attainable. And we set it as our goal, because it will be difficult to reach it.
But it is our goal nonetheless for in the end, we will have to settle for less.


5 thoughts on “Settling for less

  1. Interesting take on the prompt. I think another way to think about it is learning to be content with what we have. Not that we stop trying to make the world a better place, or to make our place in it better, but at some point we have to find contentment in what we do already have.

    Thanks for being a part of Dungeon Prompts. I am taking the next year off of blogging but feel free to go back and check out the old prompts and I will definitely come by and see what all you have to say.

  2. I really like your distinction between the idealist and the perfectionist. I think you are right. One keeps you moving forward in a healthy way and the other less so. One is enlivening and the other is deadening.

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