Where’s my prize?

Today I found out that the woman I thought won the Nobel Peace Prize, is actually a girl. She is 17 years old.
When I learned of her age, I turned to my sister and said to her:

“I’m 17. What have I done?”

What have I done? Not much I guess. I haven’t discovered new laws in physics. I haven’t ended world hunger. I haven’t saved the forests from burning to the ground, I haven’t published anything, I haven’t even graduated from school. All I seem to do is breathe.

But instead of writing down a long list of the unachieved, instead of complaining of what I lack, perhaps I should look at my luck. I am a very lucky person. I was born healthy. From the moment my lungs began to accept air, I was lucky. What did I do to deserve to be healthy?
My father’s job has allowed me to see places I could never have imagined, to meet people I could never have known, and to learn an appreciate things I would otherwise have never understood. My education has played a huge part in my upbringing. And then, there’s my personality. There’s someone inside of me that just comes out, someone that I cannot keep locked up inside. And that person is unique. And one day she will find her way, one day she will find those who understand her and acknowledge her. And she has the power to dream, to look beyond what she sees. She has the luxury to be an Idealist because she need not worry about other things.

She is here, writing this blog. She is coming to life. And she hasn’t actually done anything to deserve it.

She may not have an award, her name may not be in newspapers today. But tomorrow is a new chance to try. Tomorrow is a luxury. My prize is not something I can touch. My prize is sitting in front of me. My prize is my future.


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