Where to?

Some weeks ago, my mom’s friend asked me what I wanted to do in the future, where I wanted to go.

I told her that I wanted to go someplace where I could find myself. I told her of where I thought that might be. She quickly revealed to me that that would not be possible for certain reasons. I replied that in the case what she says be true, then I would still be in search of a place where I could belong. She then said that the solution was to find the people who thought what the same way I did, and that I would then find myself; and be happy.

There’s a problem with that. There’s a big problem with that. If I wish to stay away from those I feel are superficial, or hypocrite, or just plain sad; then I could. I can find those that I will fit in with. And I suppose I would reach satisfaction. But then I’d have my conscience to deal with. Because, well, it only means I would have abandoned those who I deem are ignorant. Why leave someone in ignorance when you can help them know?

I don’t believe that the solution is for each person- or group of people- is to retract themselves in a corner until they are under the impression all is well. I used to believe so. When I was 14, that’s what I thought. However, then I realized that that was not the way to go.

That’s what I replied to my mom’s friend.

She called me an idealist.


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