This post is to be a short one but it is important that it be written.

Three Muslims were killed in North Carolina. They were students.

I don’t know if it was parking, anger, atheism, intolerance of opinions different from our own, lack of morals and values, or the consequence of the fact that the US allows guns, that caused this. Maybe it’s something else, or maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe we just live in a crazy world.

I just feel something must be said for them. Something must be said for all of us. We must honor the living, and the dead, even if we never knew them. Those that have just died, they are citizens of this world, of humanity, a citizenship that we all share. And for this only reason, we should care.
I feel that there must be a reaction to what happened. If we all let everything go by, without stopping to reflect, and change, then we’re all done for.

I hope everyone knows of what’s happened. I hope everyone is as angered by it as they were with Charlie Hebdo. It does not matter who died, or for what reason, it does not matter if in the depths of our dark minds we manage to justify a death. Because, in reality, there is no way to justify a death. No one deserves to be killed. Annihilation was never the solution.

I know that I didn’t write anything eloquent, eye-opening, fascinating or revolting. I wrote what many have said before me, what many will say, and what many are thinking this very moment. But what’s important here, is that I said it, made it known to those who would come across this note, that I care, that I want to make difference. And, that more importantly, I am honoring the three Muslims that I truly hope, will not go by unnoticed.


One thought on “Remember?

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s important to be aware of these events, however horrific they are, and understand their significance in the context of our nation today. Well written.

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