“Ode To Joy”

It might sound like plagiarism, but it’s not. I acknowledge that “Ode To Joy” is more commonly known as Beethoven’s ninth symphony, but I think I can use the title to give an ode to joy… the joy of books. I felt like I would like to write this because I am currently re-reading one of my favorite novels. I thought I’d only read a small part, just for fun, as I’d already perused it before. Then, I though to myself, “I might as well read the first chapter, just the first one.” And, as you can imagine, I’ve now read ten chapters in counting. However, as I am studying (because this is my last year in school, and that is the synonym of being glued to my desk), I don’t have much time to read. Once I start though, and promise myself to only read one chapter, a few pages, or even just the next paragraph, I end up wasting time. But then, I remember something I read somewhere, that I’d like to share with you:

It looks like it’s wasting time, but literature is actually the ultimate time-saver — because it gives us access to a range of emotions and events that it would take you years, decades, millennia to try to experience directly. Literature is the greatest reality simulator — a machine that puts you through infinitely more situations than you can ever directly witness.

De Botton

I don’t know who this person is (or was). I don’t know where they’re from, where they’ve been, what they’ve done. But I don’t need to, because they’re probably one of the smartest people that ever lived, as the words quoted above show. Regardless of the fact that they speak a universal truth (i.e books are great tutors), it also reminds me that I am a human being. I am entitled to be tired of my studies. I can decide to treat myself to a beautiful novel. Books are never a waste of time, even if they don’t help me ace my exams directly, because math doesn’t pop up in Jane Austen’s novels, it helps me think. And, I feel that thinking is rather important in life. Also, reading allows me to forget the troubles on my desk and look at a whole new world, one that I can never know, or may never know. And by forcing me to take a step back, it calms my nerves; therefore allowing me to resume working with a fresh and relaxed mind. Thus making me more productive.

Reading brings to me more joy than anything that comes to my mind right now. Books are a treasure, and I can never say it enough.

Read, if you don’t. Never stop if you do.


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