Unrelated yet related

I know, as all of you do, of what has happened. Attacks and deaths everywhere. Not just in Paris, but Everywhere. And my heart goes out to each person who has lost a loved one in these attacks, but also in previous ones, that mustn’t be forgotten.

Every life is precious. Every human life is worthy. And in light of what has happened, I would like to attach a link.
It’s very interesting, and wholly unrelated to politics.

Why am I posting this now? It might senseless, but it is not. I am posting this because it is a reminder of just one of the things that is wrong with the world. I came across it randomly, as we all do. We always see these links, sometimes we open them, sometimes we don’t. I generally do, and I hate that I do. It’s a waste of my time.

I am convinced that I lose valuable brain cells every time I open these kinds of links. And yet I still do.

So here it is. An example of what the media does, the messages it sends out. How unworthy some may feel when they see these kinds of things, is precisely the reason they are posted. It’s a form of humiliation. A personal, private humiliation that stays with you

And I just want to understand.
What’s the point? What kind of standards are you attempting to make us live by? And more importantly, how long will this go on? When will it cease? Because everyday I meet people who dislike this, and I read articles and books about why this isn’t good for us. And yet, it persists.

People are losing their lives and we’re opening these links.